Patio Covers and Enclosures

Protect Your Home the Green Way

Let nature in and keep the unpleasant elements out with any of DanJo Windows & Doors’ environmentally friendly, energy efficient patio covers and enclosures. We use only high-quality materials direct from Duralum Products, Inc. to provide you with some of the best energy-saving, eye-catching patio covers and enclosures on the market today.

More Than 50 Years of Service

As a trusted brand for almost 50 years, Duralum has worked to produce quality products. Their beautiful, modular designs allow for economical construction, custom planning and low maintenance and are designed to cut heating and cooling costs. All Duralum products come in durable, natural finishes and a list of colors to match your home’s present exterior.

Duralum products, installed by DanJo’s trained and certified professionals, can add value to your home and give your friends and family a great place to enjoy nature and each other’s company

Benefits of Duralum Products:

  • Cover Your Deck or Patio
  • Enclose Your Patio
  • High Durability in Hot and Cold Weather
  • Install Electrical Outlets and Fans For Outdoor and Enclosure Use
  • Protect Your Home from Sun Damage
  • Use as an Attractive Carport
  • Weatherwood Materials with Teflon Coating

DanJo Windows & Doors Promises:

  • Customized Designs
  • Easy, Quick Installation
  • Factory Direct Products
  • Limited Lifetime Warranties
  • Tons of Satisfied Customers

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