Custom Pet Doors

Freedom for Your Pets

From doggie doors to cat doors to any type of custom pet doors DanJo Windows & Doors has you covered. Your pet is a part of the family, why shouldn’t they have the luxury of coming and going with the freedom your family members have? With our custom pet doors we have created a bigger walk-through space for your little fur ball, giving them the comfort they deserve.

We custom build and manufacture all of our products in the USA. We provide free in-home estimates in the Los Angeles area but we can ship all of our products nationwide.

The Best Custom Pet Doors

We specialize in the best custom pet doors and that’s why if you are to purchase our patio sliding door we offer the option of pet access as well. Our custom patio doors have a built in doggie door with a sturdy thermoplastic (ABS) frame, a see-through polyvinyl flap with patented edges that will not warp, a seal to ensure good closure and a strong molded ABS lockout slide to restrict pets’ Access when necessary. Our doggie doors aren’t just your average pet doors either. We offer a wide variety of pet doors from sliding glass doggie doors to Screen Door Doggie Doors, French Door Doggie Doors and beyond. Our custom pet door sizes vary to suit your pet, from a 5 pound dog all the way to a 120 pound dog.

We Specialize In:

  • Custom Doggie Doors
  • Screen Doors with Doggie Door
  • Sliding Doors with Doggy Door
  • Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors
  • Dog Doors for Sliding Screen Doors
  • Doggy Doors for Sliding Doors
  • Doggy Doors for Screen Doors
  • Pet Screen Doors

We can pretty much do any kind of Pet Screen Door you need!

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Why Our Pet Doors are the Best:

  • Absolutely Pet Friendly
  • Lock-Out Slide Restricts Pet’s Access When Needed
  • Magnetic Flag Seals Every Time
  • Extended Warranties
  • Energy Efficient